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Future 3D Work

Create a breadth of work - where do you want to be? Show you can do it


-Y3 Silhouettes - the real area to push this is in the render with textiles applied. Adding texture and depth etc... 

- Adidas Lifestyle Shoe

- Nike Lifestyle Shoe

-Asics Wrestling Shoe / Boxing Boot


For now, KO the Veja Collection in Gravity sketch bc they all have the same sole. great way to get your reps up and add quality to an already supported project within your portfolio

Show more of a lifestyle focus since that's where you want to be... have a variety of 





-collab tier zero type (tell this story with New Balance and Casablanca)


-Tactile Knowledge Footwear: Slide, Low Top Sneaker, BJJ Boot

- All with BJJ / Boxing Details

22 FSF Slide 11-14-03.png
22 FSF Slide 7-8-01.png
22 FSF Slide 1 - 3-01.png
22 FSF Slide 1 - 3-02.png
22 FSF Slide 3-03.png
s5 forrealz-02.png
22 FSF Slide 4-6-03.png
22 FSF Slide 7-8-01.png
22 FSF Slide 7-8-02.png
22 FSF Slides 9-10-01.png
22 FSF Slides 9-10-02.png
22 FSF Slide 11-14-01.png
22 FSF Slide 11-14-02.png
22 FSF Slide 11-14-03.png
22 FSF Slide 11-14-04.png
REAL 15 16 FORREAL-01.png
REAL 15 16 FORREAL-02.png
22 FSF APPENDIX 17 FREAL V2-01.png
22 FSF APPENDIX 17-21-02.png
22 FSF APPENDIX 17-21-03.png
22 FSF APPENDIX 17-21-04.png
22 FSF APPENDIX 17-21-05.png
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